When Being Different Becomes your Superpower

When Being Different Becomes your Superpower

I firmly believe that being different is special and powerful. Who wants to be normal in 2019 anyways?

The thing is, society has always looked down on the ones that don’t fit the mould. Society has always looked down on the ones who dare to be different, and that only shows how we still live in a world full of insecure beings who feel threatened by the mere fact that someone doesn’t look like them, doesn’t think like them, doesn’t speak their language, or faces their own physical or mental struggles. 

Why are we so scared of the different? 

I’ve been heavily exposed to the field of mental health for the past few years since many of my students live their daily life not only battling their own challenges but most importantly, battling the stigma imposed upon them, which in my opinion hurts more than the challenge itself. – Like if it is their choice to live in an environment where everyone refers to them as “crazies.”

How would you feel if people call you that every single day of your life, especially during your most vulnerable years as a kid or teenager? HOW WOULD YOU FEEL?  

Working with these students has humbled me in ways that I cannot describe with words and I have learned so much about human resilience and the deep desire to thrive. I have never seen students who are more engaged and who don’t take anything for granted, because life has been anything but easy for them. 

They deserve respect. They deserve empathy. They are the real troopers in our society!

I love that there are more folks opening the conversation around this topic and who are working hard to demystify the stigma. I love how folks with mental health challenges are becoming an inspiration to the world.

I love how Greta Thunberg is using her position of privilege to send the world a strong and clear message about this topic and how she kills her haters with kindness when they troll her about her mental health. 

I love how she embraced the fact that she has Aspergers and how that makes her different.

I love how she turned something that is negatively perceived by society, into her biggest superpower because having Aspergers actually allows her to focus intensely on her topic of interest: climate change, and we all know how she is inspiring an entire generation around the world right now.

I love when she says: “I have Aspergers and that means I’m sometimes a bit different from the norm. And – given the right circumstances- being different is a superpower” 

Let’s come to terms with the fact, once and for all, that mental health is a reality and let’s open our minds so all the Gretas on our planet feel safe and excited to live their lives to the fullest! 

I love to hear human stories about what makes people different! Have you asked yourself that question yet? Do you know what you want to do with that superpower?

Written by David Mendoza for Orbit 5


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