8 Mondays left

8 Mondays left

Ahhh Monday! You are here to remind us there are only 8 of you left before 2020.

How do you, reader, feel about that?

Are you stoked and excited about the week that is about to begin?

Or on the contrary, you woke up this morning hating yourself, your life, and everyone and everything around you because, after the weekend, you are back to a reality that you are not into?

Are you back in school sitting down in classes that are not aligned with who you are and what you want to do, therefore you are bored out of your mind?

Or are you back at work in a job that you despise and impacts your ability to experience happier days?

If you are stoked, what are you most excited about this week?

If you are struggling because it’s Monday, what changes are you going to implement in your life for the next 8 weeks so your weeks in 2020 are always off to a good start?

Happy Monday!

Written by David Mendoza for Orbit 5


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