Can Random Acts of Kindness Change the World?

Can Random Acts of Kindness Change the World?

I believe so!

This is so relevant in the world of work today because we live in an era where being busy is the norm, therefore, we forget to be kind, both to ourselves and to others.

I found out that is World Kindness Day today and that’s super exciting because this celebration is a great reminder to slow down and pay attention to how the world is impacting the ones around us.

Today, on the streets, at work, at school, what do you see? happy people? people struggling?

Whatever the case may be, what can you do? 

What if:

  • You sent your colleague/manager an email of appreciation or even better, you told them in person how you appreciate the work they do.
  • You bought a snack or lunch for someone on your team who is working hard to meet a deadline and haven’t had a chance to grab a bite the entire day – you bought a hot beverage to a homeless person you see on the street.
  • You took your international student classmate out for a beer and showed them things that locals enjoy.
  • You connected with a loved one you have distanced yourself from and told them you miss them.
  • You sent a thank you note to someone who made a positive impact on your life recently.
  • You told your teacher what you appreciate about their class and their teaching style

So many things we all can do that really don’t take effort, but intention!

The possibilities are endless and it takes little to no effort, but the impact that our acts have on another human can truly change the world!

What random acts of kindness have you experienced lately that brightened up your existence?

What can you do today to make someone’s day better?

Happy World Kindness Day ❤

Written by David Mendoza for Orbit 5


P.S. This post would be useless if I don’t practice what I preach, so here are some of the random acts of kindness I want to exercise today:

  • Since my Italian teacher had to cancel class last week due to an emergency, I’m going to connect with her and tell her that I hope she’s well and that I am uber excited about attending her class this evening
  • I offered a Skype chat free of any charge to a prospective international student who had reached out to me via Instagram and we had a great conversation
  • Also, since it’s so cold in Toronto already, I am going to be kind to myself and get a large bowl of Vietnamese pho to stay warm and happy throughout the afternoon 🙂

I will spread kindness to myself and others to the best of my capacity xo

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  1. I agree with that random kindness acts can actually change the world

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