Food and Experiential Learning: Powerful Combo!

Food and Experiential Learning: Powerful Combo!

In mid-October, myself, a nutrition professor, a faculty chef, and 23 Canadian chef students embarked on a culinary adventure in Spain that included a visit and a Masterclass at Le Cordon Bleu Madrid.

Students learned how to make some of the most emblematic dishes in Spanish cuisine ranging from lobster rice, to Spanish tortilla, squid in ink sauce, croquettes, and pork cheeks.

Last week the profs organized a post-trip get together, and in 4 hours the students, guided by the faculty chef, recreated all the dishes using the techniques they learned in Spain, now back in Toronto.

We all connected through the great food and the stories from a trip that took the learning beyond the classroom, and resulted in all of them thriving in an unknown environment.

They talked about their jobs, the menus of the restaurants they work at, they were asking each other for their resumes to pass them on to their chefs. The camaraderie they built is inspiring them to create career opportunities for themselves.

The food was delicious. These students are better equipped now to make an impact on the culinary industry.

They can articulate those new transferable skills when promoting themselves!

They have a competitive edge.

Imagine we could provide similar experiences to students from all programs within the higher education spectrum? 

Written by David Mendoza


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