Stop saying you are wasting the best years of your life

Stop saying you are wasting the best years of your life

I hear folks in their 20s saying they are wasting the best years of their lives because they are not happy with the path they are currently walking, mostly because of jobs or school programs that don’t add true value to their lives.

I want to challenge that mindset where we create invisible barriers and attach them to our age because nothing dictates when we can actually experience our best years! 

Depending on the person’s trajectory and their lived experiences, the best years can happen at 30, 50, or 70. Being in this age where free access to information, technology, and most importantly, an uncapped number of connections is unlimited, it is never too early or too late to live a life with purpose. 

What if the decisions we make allow us to grow at a level that leads to consistently having the best years of our lives?

You don’t live your job? you don’t like the program you are currently enrolled in?

Take the wheel and start making changes – NOW!

Go on deep reflective mode and ask yourself why your choices are not giving you results that make you get up on Monday feeling pumped about your week. 

Reflect even deeper and ask yourself what paths would fit best your current reality and put a strategy together to equip yourself to start walking those paths. 

Ask for objective sources of help. Reach out to your network because there is no need for you to go through your struggle on your own. 

Make everyday count.

What life changes do you think you can implement starting today so you feel that you are experiencing the best years of your life?

Written by David Mendoza for Orbit 5


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