What is the best gift you could have given yourself but did not?

What is the best gift you could have given yourself but did not?

The last Monday of 2019 has risen up to bid farewell to the old year, and I find myself struggling to answer a question I posed 2 days ago regarding a gift that we could’ve given ourselves this holiday season but didn’t.

I’m struggling because I thought I had already given myself the most incredible one; spending the holidays at a beautiful Colombian beach with my family, reconnecting and having an amazing time!

What could ever surpass that?

Now I realize that posting without knowing the answer encouraged me to have a conversation with myself to prioritize what really matters in my current reality.

The gift I could’ve given myself but didn’t, is TIME! I’m here with my family but somehow I’m not fully present – Although the wireless coverage where I’m staying is limited, I’ve been glued to my phone thinking about emails, posts, and the outside world in general.

Once I leave this paradise and go back to Canada, my priorities will shift, but right now I refuse to take family time for granted, as well as the time I have left to play with my brother’s dogs 🙂

Only 2 days for 2020. Holy s**t!

I wish everyone the very best for an incredible new decade.

What are you making priority in the new year?

Written by David Mendoza for Orbit 5


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