We are a 15-hour learning initiative that consist of 5 fun and interactive workshops that engage students through hands-on activities and life discussions, and prepare them to transitioning smoothly into life in Canada.

All workshops focus on self-awareness therefore each of them works around the concept of YOU!

YOU – Exploration
YOU – Reflection
WRITING YOU – Resume writing
YOU + THE WORLD – Networking
YOU + THE GATE – Interviewing

Orbit 5 was born when David Mendoza invited Felipe Ocampo to share a drink and brainstorm about how, through design and play, Felipe could help him elevate the experience of the workshops that he had been facilitating until then, before the project even had a name.

They thought of incorporating play into the workshops for students to learn and reflect on their best elements and who they are while having fun; Felipe designed the toys we use to engage all participants to think critically about their program and work choices so they experience an incredible life journey in Canada.

We named the project Orbit 5, as we are fascinated by how the electrons within an orbit are constantly jumping from one place to another; they are in constant motion, just like our lives!

Our workshops incorporate the element of play in each lesson. We are not PowerPoint people and we are not a resume clinic. We facilitate a process where students gain clarity on how they want to live their lives in Canada, and feel empowered to take ownership of the actions they will implement to succeed and experience a happy journey in this country.

-Experiential learning as a means to engage in deep life discussions that lead to informed decisions
-Treat our students and clients with respect and empathy
-Be creative and propose fun, innovative approaches
-Celebrate and promote diversity

We offer group workshops and one-on-one sessions for folks who prefer a personal interaction rather than group work.

Some of our clients include The Colombian Consulate in Toronto, Evergreen College, Education Agencies including Jpcanada and Brand New Way, and we collaborate periodically with On The Spot Language and their language coaching program.

We work directly with international students attending institutions including George Brown College, Centennial College, ILAC International College, Humber College, and Seneca College.

Absolutely! We have full mobility and would be more than happy to travel to your country and prepare your students and clients before they come to Canada.

For students interested in individual work, one-on-one sessions can be also done through Skype

If you would like for us to work together, I can be reached by students who want to work directly with me, or by the agencies and institutions sponsoring them.

Simply click in the button below or visit it my “Let’s Connect” Page to start the conversation and book a free demo (if you are representing a school or are an educational agent), or book a free consultation if you are a student who want to work on a one-on-one basis.

How soon do you want to start getting some work done?

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