We like the number 5. Therefore, our offer always comes in packages of 5.

For students wanting to work with us on a one-to-one basis, we offer a 5-hour career disruption package.

For schools and organizations who want to sponsor our programs, we deliver online learning via a 5 webinar package and in-class learning via a 5 workshop package – Both options prepare our students to think critically about their school and career choices, so they confidently walk paths that lead to personal and professional growth in Canada and beyond.

Our webinars:

  • Transitioning into life in Canada
  • Understanding your value
  • Your career stories on paper
  • Your network is your networth
  • Marketing yourself for the win
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Our 15-hour learning initiative engages our students through hands-on activities and life discussions while embracing their differences, celebrating their triumphs, challenging their biases, and capitalizing on their strengths. 


We explore the student’s  interests and needs so they make informed choices to pursue a life path in Canada that leads to their well-being. #clarity


Students participate in an in-depth reflection that leads to honest conversations with themselves, sparking an awareness that builds confidence to articulate their value when creating career and life opportunities for themselves. #selfawareness


We put our students in their employer/client shoes and teach them how to convey their value in a written form, so they get noticed by folks with the ability to expedite their academic and career goals. #accomplishmentstatements


Our students feel empowered and confident to create and cultivate networks that support their journey and being a bridge between them and meaningful career and life opportunities. #thepowerofconnections


Students learn strategies that lead them to making strong impressions and securing career opportunities that align well with their personality and values.  #findingthebestfit

Do you want your students to succeed in Canada?

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