Through our workshops and one-on-one sessions, we want to be the compass that guides international students to find the north in their lives so they succeed in their academic and work endeavours.

We envision the new talent in Canada thriving and finding happiness in the way they live in order to make powerful contributions to the economic and social growth of the country.

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We provide a 15-hour learning initiative that engages everyone through hands-on activities and life discussions, through 5 fun and interactive workshops that folks to transitioning into life in Canada.


We explore your interests and needs so you identify and pursue a life path in Canada that makes you happy. In this first workshop you achieve clarity about the work you want to do or want to learn more about. 

You learn how to make informed decisions so you can be on top of your goals.


We reflect on your life journey by understanding your challenges, and capitalizing on the strengths that will make you thrive in the Canadian context.

This workshop will guide you to think critically about the elements that you want to promote about yourself when creating career and life opportunities for yourself.


We put you in the employer shoes! Learn how to hook the reader the moment your resume gets in their hands, by creating documents that are unique to you and a solid representation of the attributes that will make an employer want to invite you to chat at an interview

You will learn how to nurture your resume and treat it as if it was a living being, always evolving!


Build the confidence to create a strong professional network that helps you land opportunities for your personal and professional development in Canada. Understand the power of connections and how to use them to your advantage. It is all about who you know!

Learn how to be strategic in order to get noticed in today’s global market.


Practice how to articulate your thoughts when engaging with people with decision-making power in an interview setting. Make employers see that you are the best fit by confidently showing them the value you add to their organizations.

A job interview is a perfect space for you to find out if the company is also the right fit for you. You matter!

Do you want your students to succeed in Canada?

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