More Success Stories


“The sessions with David and Felipe were a constructive, emotional, liberating and motivating experience. With their innovative, didactic, and dynamic approach, they helped me adapt and improve various concepts of my personal and professional life. That encouraged me to value, summarize and highlight my strengths, confirming the decision of continuing to grow in my profession in a new country. I am now able to focus on what I was looking for, as well as to identify what a potential employer would expect from an experienced architect.”

– Martin Rodriguez M


“Thanks so much for the workshops. They were very useful. You guys have an excellent methodology that guarantees that the main concepts are going to stick in your head in an enjoyable way. I was able to pick up many suggestions that I am already using to improve my job hunting process. I liked all the activities and the great environment in every session. I would definitively recommend these workshops in the future”

– Henry Florez


“I liked the holistic approach they bring because all kinds of aspects were taken into account, and, at the same time, I felt it was well structured.  Felipe and David procured, built and kept a very inclusive environment for people to freely express their “searching-for-employment” stories, while actively picking up, and telling each of us the areas of improvement to address or to polish.  I really enjoyed the hands-on activities that brought very interesting aspects of our personality and core values throughout the course.”

– Silvia Leon


“It was a pleasure meeting you and learning from your ingenuity and experience through the course you deliver”

– Adriana Echeverry


“ This was a very enriching experience. These are topics we think we know about; however, it is good for us to look at them from a perspective that help us make the most of them. The way the workshops are delivered is very dynamic which is excellent. It never felt monotonous. They kept us engaged and allowed us to share and listen to the experiences from the other participants”

– Sonia Barajas


“I would recommend this course to anyone who wants to strengthen their career development not only when applying for jobs, but also helps you to think out of the box and enhance your critical thinking skills through a completely different approach”

– Lina Najar