I’m David Mendoza, Director of Orbit 5 and a disruptor in the community of career development practitioners in Toronto. I co-created this learning initiative with Toy Designer Felipe Ocampo to give a playful spin to the way career related workshops are facilitated, so our students truly engage to find their north and design life and career paths for themselves that make them happy.

I’m passionate about education and a huge advocate for experiential learning, but growing up, my experience with the educational system was quite negative and disempowering, and I felt lost; completely lost. Lost after high school not knowing what I wanted to do, and even more lost after graduating from university.

I was a total wreck but then I came to Canada and everything changed. It was not easy but I worked hard to find myself, to be strategic, and most importantly, I learned how to connect with people who have mentored me and helped me pave the way to create incredible opportunities for myself. Besides my work with students through Orbit 5, I teach part time at George Brown College, and lead culinary tours around the world through my partnership with Evolve Tours.

So, why working with me?

Because I know what it is to leave everything behind to move to a new country to pursue a goal. I moved to Canada in 2006 so I can relate to the struggle that immigrants go through while settling in this society. All the struggles I experience made me who I am today and I am grateful for that!

Also, because a few years before moving to Canada I was an international student myself and it was a life-changing experience, so I would love for all the students that I work with to be able to feel the same way about going abroad to live, work, and study!

10+ years working as educator in Ontario have equipped me to lead projects that challenge boring and dry career approaches that don’t prepare students to walk the paths they want to follow. My work empowers them through reflection and play so that they make the most of their journey in Canada and beyond. 


– Toronto! The minute I landed in this city, it was love at first sight. I LOVE the 6ix!

– Coaching international students and newcomers to feel confident to successfully attain their school and work prospects in Canada

– Empowering the new talent in Canada and providing everyone I work with with fun life experiences

– Learning and upgrading myself by taking courses aligned with my interests, every term through continuing education 

– Cultures and Languages: I can work in English, Spanish, and Portuguese, intermediate in French, and foundations in German and Italian

– Culinary Travel: Through my side hustle, I connect humans through food trips around the world


Many thanks for checking my website. If you would like for us to work together, connect with me for a free consultation/demo.


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