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We focus on boosting the confidence that students need to make the most of their journey in their new home country and land opportunities that do justice to their talent and the investment they made to upgrade their skills away from home. We support our students to apply their abilities to launch careers they love, thrive in the workplace, and flourish into their best selves, both personally and professionally, through one-on-one coaching, online courses, personalized workshops, and our Job Search Academy.


Seeing our international student talent thriving and making powerful contributions to their host countries while experiencing their own personal growth. We prepare them to develop an appreciation of the world’s diversity and to thrive in a globalized economy, through engagement and exposure to the myriad of cultures that coexist in harmony within our society. Seeing our students transitioning smoothly into life and work in the countries they chose while keeping their mental health on point, is what drives us to provide top-notch support.


You’ve always heard that you must make it all about the employer if you want to build a prosperous career. True – However; the work we do focuses on YOU. Our coaching program increases your self-awareness, so you gain clarity on what makes you an asset to the organizations you want to work at and confidently promote and position yourself as the candidate with the highest value and ROI during your job interviews and networking approaches.

What we do

We empower international students to confidently pursue work they love, and thrive in their new home country.
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One on One

Through our conversations you will adopt a growth-mindset to turn your challenges into...


There is no one universal solution in online marketing, a our workshops empower...


Every Monday we host free webinars featuring guest speakers who are experts in their field...


There is no one universal solution in online marketing, that’s...



International students are resilient by nature and they thrive in a variety of work environments thanks to the ability they have to adapt to new contexts and realities.

We are proud of the work our students do because they have proven that they are strong, resourceful, and can solve all sorts of problems even when the world itself seems to collapse.

There is nothing that makes us happier than seeing them sail through the current crisis, overcoming personal challenges, and landing the incredible opportunities they deserve. Our students are a force to be reckoned with!

We empower international students to confidently pursue work they love, and thrive in their new home country.

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Whether individually or in group settings, our work helps our students build the confidence they need to articulate their value, and as a result, launching meaningful careers and landing opportunities aligned with their values and vision.

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