Get a Resume that Convert into Job Interviews

Because no one cares about what you did – they cared about what you accomplished!

Are you stuck with a resume that gets ignored and doesn’t sell you properly?

After this 3-hour hands-on monthly Resume crash course you will walk out with a results-based resume that converts into job interviews and the strategy you need to land the jobs that you deserve.

You will multiply your chances to land job interviews.

Engage in a process of self-discovery to write your accomplishments and the value they bring to the industry you want to break into.

You will increase your self-awareness and collect stories that make you memorable in conversations with decision-makers for the jobs you compete for.

Learn how to ditch the clichés, cut the fluff, and turn your resume into a strong presentation card using language that intrigues, not language that bores.

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DATES: 28thth July 2023
Time: 06:00 PM EST
Platform: Zoom
Value: $257

This Bootcamp is for you if:

  • You are an international student, recent grad, newcomer, career changer, or professional struggling to convert your job tasks into results that showcase your value.
  • You don’t know how to adapt your resume from back home to meet North American standards.
  • Your current resume is not doing justice to your skill set and professional trajectory.
  • Your confidence is low because your resume has been rejected from the jobs you apply.
  • You want to learn how to write concisely and effectively to get noticed in the market.
  • You get anxious every time you customize your resume for a job you want.
  • You want to generate content for stories you can use to ace your job interviews.
  • You are looking for Co-op, part-time jobs, or full-time opportunities during your schooling and/or upon graduation, or to progress in your current role.

Roadmap to land your ideal job


1. Enrol in the Course.
2. You will receive an email with our resume handout, a resume guide, and video tutorials on how to write impactful resumes.
3. Please fill out the form, share with us the kind of jobs you want to apply for, critical information and metrics that you want to include in your resume, and 2 sample roles (job postings) so we are clear about the positions you are interested in


4. Send us the most updated copy of your resume
5. Attend the 3-hour live class via Zoom and learn how to strategically land your ideal job


6. You will receive your revised resume 7 days after you share it with us.
7. You review the resume and jump on a call with us to discuss if further adjustments must be done.
8. We will send you the final version of your resume and you land a job with it and the strategies you learned from us.


  • Your resume will highlight your unique skills and qualifications.
  • Your resume will be a compelling document with clear accomplishment statements.
  • Your resume will be tailored to the industry you want to break into.
  • Your resume will have have industry-specific keywords to get more attention from employers.
  • You will learn how to nurture your resume after you land a job so it’s always current and ready for the next opportunity.
  • You will get exclusive access to live top-notch coaching and support, complementary videos, templates, exercises, and resources to supercharge your job search and career experience. 

Course Outcomes:

  • You will walk out with a polished, professional resume that you can confidently submit and place in the hands of recruiters and hiring managers.
  • You will increase your self-awareness with a document that shows prospective employers why you are the best candidate to fill the role.
  • You will learn how to turn generic task-based resumes into result-based weapons that hook the reader and increase your chances to land job interviews.
  • You will learn how to use powerful language in your job search that aligns with the requirements that your industry wants to hear and show how your contributions make you an asset.
  • You will go from feeling lost and defeated and quickly becoming a confident job seeker that the market can’t ignore


Yes! Our program is designed to train new talent in Canada to launch their careers

Resume writing, concise and strategic communication, accomplishment statements, Unique Value Proposition, and written storytelling

We will give you access to live training, videos, templates, guides, job boards, networking events, and job fairs

No, students who are still completing their schooling can also apply

8 hours of live training, plus 2 sessions of personalized support

Yes, you will have 1 extra hour of individual support with one of our coaches

Our Get Hired Bootcamp starts the first Saturday of each month