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Welcome to Orbit 5, Canada's revolutionary Award-Winning job search platform, dedicated to transforming international students and newcomers into job-ready professionals. Our approach ensures that, on average, it takes our students just 10 weeks to land their ideal roles.

We're redefining career development by replacing the often-negative discourse with a message of positive transformation. We guide you to discover your potential through resume-building and personal branding, cultivating a deeper self-awareness. Plus, with our track record, you can trust that your job search journey will be efficient and effective.

We position networking and interviewing as opportunities to confidently demonstrate how your unique blend of skills, credentials, and experience can significantly contribute to your industry. With Orbit 5, the job search is not just a quest—it's a journey to self-discovery and professional development. Join us on this transformative ride!



What We do

Our Mission

To provide job search solutions as effective as a master key, unlocking access to career paths that delight.

Our Vision

A world where every international student and newcomer has a high-paying job that makes them feel that they belong.


Our Values

  • Community First

    In the face of global challenges like Covid, we founded a worldwide community of international students spanning four continents. Every Monday, we converge in webinars to uplift, support, and celebrate each other's milestones. In our community, an individual's success is celebrated as a collective triumph.

  • Disruption

    At Orbit 5, we reimagine the job search process. Instead of inducing fear, we turn it into an exciting journey of growth and self-discovery. Our students delve into the experience, viewing it as a vibrant path leading to personal development and practical skill enhancement, fueled by actionable insights.

  • Transformation

    The most rewarding moments for us are witnessing the profound transformations our students undergo. Through our programs, they transition from feeling directionless to being ardently focused and self-assured. They harness the best from their diverse backgrounds, using it to shine and add unmatched value in their professional spheres.

  • Tough Love

    We merge care with candid feedback. We confront the job market's realities without sugarcoating, ensuring our clients face their career challenges head-on. Our straightforward guidance sharpens resilience and equips them for success.


Our Team


David Mendoza

David Mendoza is the CEO of Orbit 5 and a multilingual educator based in Toronto with 10+ years of experience training newcomers and international students to launch meaningful careers that lead to well-being and help them transition smoothly into life in Canada. He is also a professor at George Brown College where he currently teaches Career Transitions to students facing mental health and addiction challenges, and Digital Skills related to a group of neurodiverse students. David's experience ranges from teaching and coaching to international student recruitment, and educational tourism. He's passionate about experiential learning and impactful educational experiences that equip his students to think critically about their life and career choices. Outside the scope of work, David is an avid traveller and home cook, and a language aficionado. He speaks English, Spanish, and Portuguese fluently, and can communicate in Italian, French, and German. Include one testimonial here with a few lines of someone. Could be this one from Vaidehee Patel: “ Before meeting David I didn’t understand why career coaching was so important for me. I am really thankful to him for his constant efforts and helping me build my self-esteem and stay motivated and that resulted in me landing a great job in my field doing what I enjoy.






Urvish Patel

Urvish Patel is a Software Engineer and former international student with extensive experience in Web Development, Web Design, Robotics, and Process Automation. He has added value to industries that include Finances & Banking, Retail, and Education, and in addition to his technical expertise, Urvish is a leader among the international student community in Ontario thanks to his roles in the Student Association and Career Peer Coach while completing his schooling at George Brown College. These experiences sparked his interest to further support the emerging new talent in Canada to succeed in their career endeavours, and that is how he became a Partner and COO at Orbit 5 to empower international students and train them to land great roles in record time. Urvish’s exposure to the world of work in top-notch Canadian companies equips him well to provide precise advice and actionable tips on how students and new grads can break into their industries of interest. Having walked the path that thousands of international students are walking, makes him an incredible coach that goes beyond and above to help his students overcome their challenges and aim for roles that do justice to their talent and skill set. Outside the scope of work, he is a car and cricket aficionado, a great cook, and an advocate of Indian and Gujarati cuisine in Toronto.


Any Questions? Find here

We specialize in job search strategies, interview preparation, resume and LinkedIn profile optimization, networking strategies, and workshops designed to improve your communication and public speaking abilities.

Our services are tailored for international students, newcomers, and any professionals aspiring to elevate their careers and secure high-paying jobs that offer a sense of belonging and fulfillment.

Our approach focuses on effective job search solutions that are as precise as a master key. We provide continued support until our clients secure their job, emphasizing personal growth and adaptation to competitive markets.

This is an intensive program offering ongoing support, strategic job search guidance, and skills training until participants land a job that changes their lives.

The program offers continuous support with no set end date. We stay with you until you achieve your goal of securing a fulfilling job.

Yes, once you register for our program, you gain immediate access to our extensive job search video library, which remains available to you even after program completion.

Yes, we offer a variety of career-focused workshops designed to elevate the career experience of your client and students, on a variety of topics including rejection management, LinkedIn evolution, interview intel, resume writing, and digital networking, among others. We can customize the content and create workshops catered to fulfill your specific needs. 

90% of our clients land roles in less than 3 months. We are proud of our track record of helping clients land life-changing jobs. Success stories and testimonials from our clients can be found on our website.

Getting started is simple. Visit our website to register for a program or contact us directly for a personalized consultation.

You shared the most updated copy of your resume with us, our experts will then meticulously analyze your resume, offering detailed feedback and suggestions for improvement within 5 business days. You’ll also have the opportunity to schedule a follow-up consultation to discuss the feedback.

If you're seeking personalized mentorship or guidance, our “Get Hired Coaching Program” is designed to provide you with one-on-one support. Our career coaches will work with you to develop a tailored plan that aligns with your professional goals and supports you throughout your job search journey. You can also work with us on a 1:1 basis

The time it takes to secure a job can vary widely depending on your industry, experience, the job market, and how effectively you apply the strategies from our programs. Your commitment is the most important thing. While we cannot guarantee a specific timeframe, our comprehensive approach is designed to significantly improve your job search effectiveness and accelerate your employment opportunities.

DaViD AI stands for Digital Assistant for Vocational Direction – it is our proprietary artificial intelligence tool that aids in optimizing your overall job search experience. It uses advanced algorithms to suggest improvements and keywords that align with your industry standards, making sure you get noticed by recruiters.

To access all our resources, go to the resources page on our website and access the free resources available to support your job search.


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