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How it Works

  • Unlock immediate access to our job search video library the moment you register and embark on a journey toward career success.
  • Meet with our expert career coaches to assess your strengths, tackle obstacles, and craft a personalized plan for job success.
  • Engage in our exclusive 4-hour live cohort-based training.
  • Learn how to sell yourself effectively by strengthening your interview skills and by mastering communication to stand out as a top candidate in your job search.
  • Meet with your lead coach 1:1 twice to measure your success, polish your job search strategy, and adjust accordingly if necessary.
  • Meet with your lead coach twice for 30 minutes to continue to practice your interviewing skills.
  • Access continued support with our team until you land a job.

With Get Hired, you will:

  • Experience the dynamics of actual job interviews, receive objective feedback, and refine your techniques to excel in any interview scenario.
  • Learn the art of conveying your ideas clearly and confidently, tailor your language to align with industry standards, and leave a lasting impression on potential employers.

Get Hired teaches you how to SELL YOURSELF EFFECTIVELY to land the best jobs!

Get Hired is for YOU if:

  • You are job seeker struggling to land industry, high-paying jobs.
  • Your resume and LinkedIn are not doing justice to your skill set and professional accomplishments.
  • Your confidence is low because you have been rejected from the jobs you apply.
  • You want to improve your communication skills to confidently convey your value.
  • You are getting interviews but are not moving forward to the final rounds.

You will learn how to:

  • Increase your self-awareness and collect content to shine in your job search with a results-based resume that converts into job interviews – Resume Writing
  • Strengthen your personal brand and increase your visibility as a job seeker with a profile that ranks high on recruiters’ searches, through storytelling and industry-focused skills – LinkedIn Revamp
  • Apply tricks and hacks to research, reach out, build, and cultivate relationships with professionals in your industry with the power to refer you to career opportunities and speed up your job search – Networking Hacks
  • Execute a creative strategy that combines online applications + networking. Produce projects and solutions that amplify your skill set and fill the gaps you find in your target companies – Strategic Job Search
  • Boost your confidence by practicing how to use concise and strategic language, anticipating questions, and equipping yourself with an arsenal of stories that impress the interviewer – Interview Mastery

Program Benefits

  • Confidence Building: Shift from feeling lost to being confident in presenting your skills to the industry.
  • Interview Practice: Participate in mock interviews with expert feedback to refine your techniques.
  • Job Search Support: Receive guidance through all stages of job seeking, from resume writing to negotiation.
  • Skill Enhancement: Learn advanced skills and methods to stand out in the hiring process.
  • Access to Resources: Get direct access to expert coaching, instructional videos, practical tools, and 900 recruiters’ emails.
  • Networking: Build connections with other job seekers and professionals in your field.
  • Ongoing Support: Benefit from continuous, dedicated assistance until you successfully secure a job.


Program Outcomes

  • Rapid Transformation: Quickly evolve from uncertainty to becoming a job seeker who commands attention in the market.
  • Increased Confidence: Sharpen self-awareness to convincingly demonstrate why you're the ideal fit for the role.
  • Barrier Overcoming: Utilize your skills and background effectively to gain an edge in your job search.
  • Strategic Job Targeting: Secure your entry point in your desired companies with a tailored job search strategy.
  • Career Artifacts Upgrade: Turn your resume and LinkedIn profile into compelling, results-focused tools.
  • Distinctive Positioning: Craft unique value propositions to stand out and meet the specific needs of employers.
  • Communication Excellence: Master industry-aligned language to showcase your contributions as key assets.
  • Interview Skill Mastery: Enhance your interview techniques with practical sessions and expert feedback.
  • Network Expansion: Develop networking strategies to gain referrals and insights, boosting your market competitiveness.
  • Effective Self-Advocacy: Learn negotiation skills for salary and benefits to assert your worth confidently.

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