What’s in it for you?

We are the only career service provider that puts you on the radar of 1,000+ recruiters in top-notch companies in Canada.

Our Job Search Academy trains you to land a job in the industry you want to break into in less than 15 weeks guaranteed and you don’t pay anything until you land your role – you have nothing to lose!

When you join our community, you get instant free access to ATS-friendly resume templates, networking guides, and 3,000+ hours of video content from career-focused webinars with guest speakers that include Recruiters, Managers at Fortune 500 companies, Career Coaches, Public Speaking Coaches, Negotiation Coaches, and former international students who share their secret sauce to succeed in Canada.

Our Impact

Since our creation in 2017, we have transformed the lives of 20,000 international students through 1:1 Coaching, Career-focused Webinars, Skills-based Bootcamps, and AI and Machine Learning based-tools.
When the pandemic hit, we were the only company that went above and beyond to help international students navigate their life and career challenges without charging a single dollar. We created a global community of support where international students based in 5 different countries gathered online on a weekly basis to hold each other accountable and learn from experts to sharpen their job search strategies to adapt to the new reality of work.
Our 1:1 and group coaching helped the members of our international student community to land roles in their fields during times of high uncertainty in organizations including Intel, Scotiabank, Accenture, Stony Brook University, Scotiabank, RBC, CIBC, HCL Technologies, Corus Entertainment, Amazon, TD Bank, Canadian Tire, Apple, McMaster University, Honda, and Marriott Hotels.

Our Approach

Our students go from feeling lost and insecure to equipping themselves with an arsenal of tools and skills that turn them into assets to the market. In our last cohort, one of our students experienced a 150% salary increase moving from a part-time survival job to landing a QA Software Tester role starting at 70K per year, and it took her only 6 weeks to land her role. When you work with us you learn how to face the job search process and your career development without fear. We help you increase your self-awareness so you left the intimidation behind and confidently pursue your dreams in your new home country. You will never hear us say as everyone else does, that looking for work is daunting - we are the only career providers who teach you how to play the job search game to experience growth, acquire new skills, and keep your mental health on point. What makes us different from other career services providers is that not only do we give you comprehensive job search and career support, but also prepare you to hit the ground running before you arrive in Canada. Our programs and AI-based solutions are designed to increase your cultural fluency and professional communication abilities, so no matter where you come from you learn how to use the language strategically, orally and in writing, to position yourself as the strongest candidate for the roles you compete for. Simply put, we teach you how to capitalize on the most important skill there is - COMMUNICATION. You will land ideal jobs in less than 15 weeks, guaranteed.