I was looking for work because I was about to complete a one-year course. With David’s support, I started my job search in October and had two job offers by mid-December including one from my dream company.
Raveena Desai
Public Relations Specialist Apply Board
it’s not only about what we learn each week during the webinars from the words of the guest speakers but also, the environment you provide to build the right mindset, equip us with everything from job searching, networking, LinkedIn, life, health and everything in between
Rahul Palamuru
RPA Developer and Business Analyst (Club Demonstration Services )
You provided me with information and valuable knowledge about career through the events you organized and thanks to your mock exercises I was able to ace my first interview confidently with the feedback you provided. I felt listened to and guided whenever I felt overwhelmed.
Danish Naik
Mechanical Engineer
Your webinars have helped me a lot in gaining confidence to speak well in all interview rounds, and thanks to that I landed a paid internship as a Robotics Software Engineer
Swati Shukla
Knightscope Inc. (Software Developer )
It was a pleasure working with David Mendoza as a workshop developer and facilitator for a "Transitions to Life in Canada" webinar he prepared for the ACCES Employment Canadian Employment Connections (CEC) Pre-Arrival Program for internationally trained professionals before their arrival to Canada. This workshop was interactive and introduced mental health supports and other thoughtful considerations for newcomers to consider to make the most of their life in their new country. David takes a holistic approach to career development and helps drive home messages through compelling storytelling.
Zestaline Kim
Access Employment
David is amazing in career coaching. I had so many mock interviews with him, I learned something new in each one of them. He is really detail oriented and optimistic. He is well aware about all the industries and it’s role. Because of his mock interviews, I landed in a big advertising firm like Publicis Media. I am really grateful to him. He always give his 100% and whole heart to any task given. He is a beautiful soul who would do anything to make people around him smile. He is the best career coach I could ever get.Thanks David
Ranika Juyal
Media Planner at Starcom || Journalist turned marketer
It's safe to say I felt absolutely lost when I arrived in Canada, without any friends or relatives here. Almost soon after arriving, I began working as a Social Media Intern with Orbit5. Over the time, David and Orbit5 have provided me with a family here that I know I can rely on. David's compassionate demeanor, patience, and abundance of knowledge instantly struck me, and I knew he would have a significant impact on my life, and he did. After being misled into a job in January of this year, I had lost all hope and was demotivated to begin the job-search process all over again. His advice on networking, resume optimization, and job search strategies were so helpful that I had four interviews set up within a week of starting my job hunt. He also guided me in those interviews by conducting practice interviews that helped me see my own abilities and how to properly present them. Throughout the process, he was so patient and kind to me, and he was always available with motivating words whenever I needed them. David is one of the people who has helped me feel more at home here in Toronto. It is safe to say that without his guidance and friendship, I would not have landed my dream job, which I am extremely proud of. Thank you so much, David.
Seekha Sanghvi
Digital Marketing professional. Helping brands generate results through Search Engines, Social Media and Content Marketing
I faced challenges as a newcomer to Canada to develop my career. David was always there to support me with coaching, interviews preparation, resume reviews, job search strategy, etc. But most importantly he gave me the opportunity to BELONG TO A COMMUNITY through webinars, facilitating workshops, and working together on exciting projects. His friendly and enthusiastic personality seeks the empowerment of those around him. For that reason, I am grateful to have met him because he definitely boosted my confidence to become a better professional.
Julian Mutis
UX | UI | Product Designer
Thank you very much, David, for all your guidance and support since the beginning of my Canadian career path. All our interactions have been crucial for my process to build confidence towards negotiations and interviews in a new market and culture. More than anything, thank you for caring about the professional and the human being. No doubt we will keep working together to celebrate countless professional milestones.
Diego Fiallo, B.Eng, PMP®
Projects and Operations Manager at National Compressed Air Canada Ltd.
David is a fantastic professional and expert in his domain. He knows how to bring up the people from shell and help them in attaining the best positions for them. He is helping international students come out of the comfort zone and help them improve their skills and making them adapt Canadian work culture. I was literally impressed by the way he conducts trainings and groom people to reach the level they always wanted too. His work ethics are pristine, and he is easily adjustable to a given situation. His ability to go out of his way to help others has made him stand out. Thanks a lot, man!
Akshay Sahni
Customer Service||Insure-tech||Sales||Finance||Customer Retention||Operations||
I fully recommend David, he is such an amazing person, so motivational and focused on teaching you the right strategies for interviewing and job searching. I am very grateful that David invited me to the @orbit5 workshop which gave me incredible advice, and tips for the Canadian job market. Even after the workshop David followed up on me and supported me through my whole job search without even having to ask him.
Anabel Pacheco
Sales Engine Coordinator at Honda Canada Inc.
David is one of the best person that I met during my job search. He is a brilliant and gifted mentor who really understands how to get the best out of his mentees. Pandemic has given me a very tough time landing a job that I desired, however, David initiated a number of amazing one on ones with me, took mock behavioral interviews and gave me numerous tips to boost my confidence. He's definitely a pro at releasing the pressure before interviews. In addition to that, I regularly attended his weekly webinars, which helped me build confidence, naturally, during my online interviews. What really impressed me most about David is just how polished he is when presenting to large groups of people. It's without hesitation that I recommend David if you are an international student seeking tips/confidence to make the best out of the new country or a graduate seeking help building intrapersonal skills to ease a job interview or a person looking forward to expanding your network.
Srilatha Ch
Data Analyst | Data Mining & Visualization | Expertise in R, Python, Tableau, SQL, SAS, Excel | Ex-Accenture
I attended a Preparation for the Canadian Job Market workshop facilitated by David. He is encouraging, supportive, and a dynamic communicator. David provided tangible tools, insights, and real-world practical knowledge, making the workshop extremely engaging and helpful. I would not hesitate to attend David's further events or to enlist his professional services.
Diana Cárdenas
Human Resources
David is a friendly and optimistic person. I attended in some of his webinars, which helped me gain confidence and improve my public speaking skills. And we had numerous one-on-one meetings during which he taught me various interview tactics. I'd gladly suggest him, and working with him has been a fantastic experience.
Sudeepthi Juanita Judy Geddam
Human Resources
Accessing the Canadian Job Market was a challenge for me. I was feeling insecure about who to address an interview, about my communication skills, and even about my possibilities for a position I was applying for. After one session with David, I gained confidence and was able to manage the interview. I gained confidence and was able to manage the interview which resulted in a job offer. I think that was not only the preparedness He provided that I valued the most, it was the human relationship we built and the sense of having some really listening. At least in my case, that makes the difference between real human coaching and an AI App.
Sandra Patricia Velasquez PhD
Researcher- Using applied research for social services and programs.
Since my first meeting with David I knew I was working with the right person to support me in my career endeavors. David made me believe in myself and made me understand that I am not alone. Before meeting David I didn’t understand why career coaching was so important for me.I am really thankful to him for his constant efforts and helping me build my self-esteem and stay motivated and that resulted in me landing a great job in my field doing what I enjoy.
Vaidehee Patel
Projects Analyst | Professor in Business Analytics | Customer Focused Product Enthusiast
David Mendoza is an amazing professional; he is very passionate about helping others to achieve their goals. I want to thank him for his support, his strength, and the dedication he puts into everything. He has provided me with valuable information and insights about navigating the Canadian professional career spectrum through his one-on-one coaching, his free webinars every week, and the various events that help international students grow into the Canadian labour market. As international students, we must prepare ourselves to face new challenges, learn new things and unlearn other things. Orbit 5 and David as a founder are important pillars. Working with David was constructive and beneficial to me in all aspects of my life. Thanks, Orbit 5 and David, for being part of my life and for helping me achieve my professional goals in Canada. We are going for many more goals!!!!!
Mayerlin Santana Alvarez
Global Business Mgmt. Post. Grad. H.R | Developer of high productive teams |Believer in coaching as a leadership style
David is an incredible mentor to me like he's been to many individuals. I attended a series of his webinars organized through his company Orbit 5, where I engaged in intellectual discussions with Industry experts and keynote speakers. David created an exceptional platform for everyone to connect, network, and recognize the demands of the hiring Industry emphasizing students, and fresh graduates. Kudos to David for his magnificent leadership & mentoring!
Prafulla Vembar
Capital Markets | Compliance Operations | Regulatory Reporting | CSR Leader
David is an amazing coach and mentor. From the moment I contacted him as International Student struggling to find an internship during the COVID-19 situation, he was absolutely open and willing to support me. He assisted me to establish a strategy to land a job in Canada, through his significant expertise on LinkedIn, professional networking, and career development and transition. He has constantly encouraged and guided me through one to one sessions, webinars, and the creation of an inner circle group to have the perfect environment to help each other to pursue our goals. He has a real interest in helping international students to succeed, and believe in their personal and professional potential. I am absolutely grateful to David; because, within one month of the mentorship process with him, I was able to find the internship I was looking for.
Natalia Cardozo, B.Eng, Scrum Master
IT Engineer, Business Management & Product Owner helping organizations to be on the leading edge of technological transformation
David exceeded all of my expectations when I contacted him about focusing my career development strategy. He is very welcoming and easy to communicate with, his style is professional and courteous, and he always had time for me. David is highly knowledgeable, and shares his knowledge with you in a way where it feels like two friends chatting, with a natural rapport, and also a very encouraging nature. I really enjoyed my sessions with David and recommend him highly! His exercises and follow up work are truly effective, and I was very impressed with my own actions after my sessions with David. He is well organised, and prepared for our time together. I feel that David cared about my choices, was able to understand my goals, and showed me viable paths to achieve them. Thank you David!
Tara Montgomery-Ferguson
Chair, The Chef School, George Brown College

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